Kicking it old school

This morning I met up with PulltabMiner and spent a few hours detecting an old school. We found several neat things but no silver or gold. Pulltab found several wheat pennies in a very isolated area. The oldest coin I found was a 68 penny. Had a great time digging up the Sears and Roebuck desk leg. Anybody have ideas on the age of it?




3 thoughts on “Kicking it old school

  1. When Pulltab said you were at the High School, I told Patton to tell you that you were at the wrong school. I was going to direct you to where you were. I went through school there. I started in ’51 and it had been there quite a while then. I believe that there was another school there before that. I found my first barber coin just North of there, It was lost before there was anything else there. I think someone was cutting across a field from the school at the time. We stopped for a few minutes on our way back. The first coin that I dug was a 1955 Wheat. I told Patton that it was probably one I lost fifty or sixty years ago. There’s bound to be silver there. It’s a large area. We had three baseball diamonds (Before Soccer), a merry-go-round, a large slide, and swings. An old (even when I was there) equipment shed was at the North end of the field. Check out the Museum when it’s open for a lot of pictures of Derby’s early days. Silversmith45

    1. Silversmith, That may have been one of your Jax that I found. I love the fact you never know what you are going to find in a hole. I agree that there has to be silver in there. It’s alot of field to hunt though. If I lived across the street I would grid the place and probably find some stuff Pulltab and I missed. I would also like to hunt the grassy areas around the building because I doubt it has ever been detected and the sidewalks all look original.

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