Getting geared up

I haven’t ran down my list of hunting equipment. Here is a list of the equipment I use. And of course my opinion of them after about 80 hours of use.

1- Garrett Ace 250, it’s a great entry level machine. Pinpoint option is a must in my opinion. This machine may not go as deep as other machines but it does great for the money.
2- Whites bullseye pin pointer, in my mind this is a great tool. It allows you to more precisely figure out where your target is once you dig the first plug. I spent about a month without one. The first hunt I went on with members of the forum a very generous metal dectorist gave me this. I couldn’t believe how much easier it was to find targets. This little one works pretty good but my next will be a Garrett Propointer.
Ames 7 in 1- great tool for the money. Lesche diggers are more popular but much more expensive.
Custom shovel- I designed this and had a local craftsmen make it. It works great!
Gloves are a must and the first aid kit is just a good idea!

We are going night hunting!


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