To tot lot or not: MDing maturity

So my son wanted to go metal detecting tonight. When he wants to hunt I like to take him to the totlots. Easy detecting and easy digging for him. I however get quite bored when hunting these because it is so predictable. I think I have matured in my metal detecting. When I first started finding a modern coin was exciting. Now I want to find older coins and relics!



3 thoughts on “To tot lot or not: MDing maturity

  1. I love the mindlessness of totlots. I don’t necessarily know what I’m going to find, but I know what to expect. Once you do a good job of cleaning up a totlot you know the next time you go back that all the signals are new. Makes it much easier for me to dig all the signals.

    And they’re nice to hit when you know you have limited time. If I’ve got 30 minutes to be out, I’m hitting a totlot. Also, although I don’t have any statistical evidense I highly suspect the chance of hitting jewelry in a totlot is higher than just about anywhere else other than a beach.

    That said… I hate knowing I’m not going to be finding anything other than clad in the coin department

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