Relics from the Rose

Tonight Kolton and I decided to hunt a spot in Rose Hill where an old house stood. It shows on maps up until the 30’s. I have hunted this property several times but I hadn’t found anything that suggested the location of the home. We only got to hunt for about 20 minutes before the storms came in. We found a couple relics that make me think we’re getting close!! I will definitely have to spend more time hunting this area.


Really how lazy are we!!

I would like to vent for a second.. Are we as a society so lazy and self righteous that we don’t pick up after ourselves.. I decided to metal detect at the local football field that the pee wees play on and the adult pee wees spectate. There must be some really lazy, self centered, nose in the air, people out there! Here is why. I hunted in an area that was no bigger than 300 square feet. Within that area I dug about 40 pull tabs from soda cans, 6 fully crushed cans that were buried, and 5 coins. That is not a very good trash to goods ratio. There is nothing that irritates me more than to get a good signal and dig a 6 inch hole only to find a crushed can sitting perfectly in the bottom of it. After I had dug 4 of these I started wondering why I had to dig them. There are a couple scenarios I came up with.

A: A kid finishes a soda and thinks they have to prove something and crushes it. Meanwhile his buddy distracts him and he forgets it. Almost excusable.

B: The peewee game finishes up and the family is loading into the vehicle. They have a couple cans and they don’t see a trash can. Out of pure laziness they leave them and decide that someone else will clean it up… NOT

I am guessing that both of these brief scenarios have happened. My question to litterers is this. What good could possibly come of this? You not having to deal with it? Grow up and quit being lazy. This makes our hobby less enjoyable. Maybe I should go to one of these sports fields with all the trash I have dug from them. I could throw it back at you while you watch little Jimmy run down field. Keep your hobby clean so our hobby will be more enjoyable. There I’m done.

Show the real you!!

Tonight Kolton and I hit one of the local parks after digging a few pieces of clad that was minted in the early 70s I realized that the opportunity for silver was there. All the older clad was at a depth of around 4 inches. After digging a penny that was at 4-5 inches I got a really strong silver signal at 3 inches. I dug my plug and flipped it over. Much to my surprise the pinpointer hit a fairly solid object in the bottom of the plug. It was dark and Kolton and I both said Silver! We could see some wording on the outside of the ring and a mark on the inside. We continued to hunt and ended up with $.42 worth of clad and one beautiful FAKEsilver ring! Show the real you! I am tired of digging fake jewelry!



Well, I sit here tonight at 11:33 and wonder if it is too late for getting out and starting a hunt! It all started this morning when I left my trusty Garrett┬áin my wife’s “Swagger Wagon”. That left me without my detector for lunch. It ended up being a mute topic because I was busy meeting clients over lunch. I then got home and tried to get out after dinner. The ending of dinner quickly meant getting kids ready for bed. After the first two items had ceased we had to talk about vacation plans. We are planning a trip to Colorado this summer and I’m thinking metal detecting in Colorado cannot be that bad… Especially in an area that gets pounded with skiing enthusiasts all winter long. Needless to say this hobby is addictive enough that I really miss it if I don’t get to satisfy my urge to dig for the day. Long story short I have been stuck in a building all day with the exception of driving around Wichita and battling the traffic. I need to get out and swing my thing!

Where to hunt?? Depends what you are hunting…

Well this weekend has been a great weekend to be outdoors. We started Friday morning with fishing. We chased bass for 6 hours and didn’t catch any of them. We then hunted at a park in Douglass KS. We picked up some clad and met a very nice metal detectorist while there. Saturday afternoon I hunted some ballfields in town. I had always stayed away from the actual ball fields because I wasn’t confident in my retrieval skills. I have been missing out.. I pulled a fair amount of clad out of one of them!! I still have several more to hunt! After church my lovely wife needed to go to Target. The boys and I opted to go geocaching. The first cache we went to is a matchstick container in the bottom of a chainlink fence post. How do you get that out? Giving up for lack of tools, we went and found a couple more quick and easy ones. I finally got to swing the Garrett tonight at 8:30. I managed to find $.80 cents in an hour or so. Not a huge amount but the alone time was much needed! Thanks for reading, now get outdoors and play!

Why I am wide awake at 3:57 AM

Well to start this post out I want to say that I took a day of vacation from work today. I shouldn’t be awake at 4 in the morning. However there is something inside of me that makes it impossible to sleep on days like this. It is called excitement. It happens any time I have the opportunity to spend a day outdoors. Today Kolton and I are planning a fishing trip to one of the local state lakes! I am totally excited to spend the day fishing, metal detecting, and just enjoying nature in general. The lake we are going to has been in use since 1955. I have caught many fish out of the lake. With the recent rains we have had I am certain that we will catch some fish. This particular lake is also a very popular camping spot. I am sure we will swing the Garrett around and try to find some coins, relics, and jewelry. What else could one ask for? The GPS coords are loaded up in the Iphone and we put fresh monofilament on the rods and reels last night. Stay tuned to see how our day goes!

On a streak

Well I hate to say it but I am hating Kansas Weather right now! We have had rain for 3 days in a row. That means no geocaching, no metal detecting, and being outdoors just isn’t as much fun. I would tackle metal detecting in the rain if I had a fully waterproof detector. I would imagine that after a couple inches of rain it is difficult to dig a plug, retrieve your target, and fill your hole in and make it look nice. I am guessing it will take a day or two of rain free weather before the ground is perfect for digging. Maybe by the weekend the weather will be nice and we can get a group together for a hunt. I know that everyone will be ready for better weather! Doing research in Kansas until it gets better….

Weekend update!!

Well I have to say that I had a great weekend. On Saturday I found my first dug silver coin. On Sunday I was able to hunt for a couple hours. I started out at the old school hoping to find more silver. I hunted for about an hour and only came up with pieces of 3 different toy guns. Last night Karson and I went out and hunted for about 30 minutes and collected up $1.21 in clad. Karson isn’t big enough to swing the Garrett by himself yet so he ran the pinpointer. This was the first time Karson had been out with me since the weather had turned more tolerable. He hadn’t been very excited about metal detecting until last night. I asked him why and he simply said “because I’m not freezing”. All in all it was a great weekend to be outdoors in Kansas!

Old school part 3- finally

Beautiful day to be out today to be metal detecting. I spent a couple hours at the old school. I dug 20-30 targets and finally came up with my first silver coin!! I also dug several wheats a couple old headstamps, and a Wichita transportation token. Here is a pic of todays finds.


Old school part 3- finally

Beautiful day to be out today to be metal detecting. I spent a couple hours at the old school. I dug 20-30 targets and finally came up with my first silver coin!! I also dug several wheats a couple old headstamps, and a Wichita transportation token. Here is a pic of todays finds.