Why would my wife ask how late I was out last night?

After having a discouraging hunt over the lunch break today I decided to go night hunting this evening. With having a family, work, and teaching motorcycle safety classes I have learned that I can detect in the dark. I have even grown to love it. The town I live in is small, There are many many acres of public area that can be hunted without issue. When I hunt at night it is relaxing. I take my Garrett Ace, pinpointer with led light, and the trowel. I can find my target and pinpoint it in the dark, quickly reference a spot on the ground in the middle of the coil, and start digging without a light. Once I get my first plug out of the ground I use the Pinpointer. You may ask why I like detecting at night. It’s because it is the most peaceful time of the day. In our bedroom community everyone is asleep, I can hear the coyotes howl off in the distance, and it’s unbelievably quiet. The first couple times that the Police Officers saw me they stopped to see what I was doing. Now they know my vehicles and will usually check in on me a couple times an evening. They shine their spotlight on me and wave out the window. I kind of like knowing that if there is a lurker watching me from a distance and they are thinking about calling the police that they would see this transaction between the officers and I. Tonight I was hunting around a bunch of soccer fields that are not old but make for some nice, clean, shallow targets. I like this form of hunting because it is easier than trying to only find old silver and more difficult than the playgrounds.


One thought on “Why would my wife ask how late I was out last night?

  1. That’s a very nice post but the real reason why you hunt at night is because you’re a weirdo. Accept it. Embrace it. Learn the secret hand shake.

    Around here, the parks are closed at dark and the only thing you will find for sure if you hunt them at night is some hairy guy asking you for a date. :D…still, if it will allow me to hunt more, I may consider night hunting.

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