At what age?

With today being my birthday I have been reflecting on age of course. Yesterday I was talking to a very good friend and he mentioned his mind is telling him to go 110% in his hobby but his body was saying a different number. I have many outdoor hobbies and they are all a little taxing on the body. For those who say fishing isn’t a sport. GET REAL! Hour after hour of casting, battling wind, rain, and the mental game.. It’s a sport. When I got my metal detector my wife said “you’re not old enough for that” I kind of agreed because in my mind it was a retirement activity. Well I can say that much like any outdoor activity it takes more effort than one sees from a distance. I have woke up with backaches after going out for 5-6 hours. My hands cramp up from digging small fence post sized holes all day. I had to chuckle at the individual I bought my detector from. The lady had purchased it for her husband who used it for one day, only to realize that he was too old for the hobby. My hope is that I have many many years left in all of my outdoor activities. Hiking for a geocache, fishing, and metal detecting. Get outside and enjoy all the Lord created for us!

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