Would you like your nickelback

I’m going to start this thread by taking all guess work out of how well the Garrett Ace 250 can find Nickels. Many people told me that it was a coin shooting machine except nickels… Me no comprendo! I went to the local sports fields and someone must have lost a whole roll of nickels in an area of 240 sq ft. They all sounded like a slot machine and read nickel at 6 inches deep. Once pinpointed it would move to 4 inches. Cut the plug, pull it out and sure enough a nickel would be there. Overall I wish I could get on an old coin streak but tonight was huge fun! I really wish Kolton would have been with me on this one! Total finds for the night 1 dime, 10 nickels, and 4 pennies not bad for an evening out. Much cheaper than a beer or movie. Happy hunting!



4 thoughts on “Would you like your nickelback

  1. Happy hunting! Something to keep in mind as your finding old coins is to pay special attention for dimes and quarters from 1964 and earlier, they are silver and the price of silver has jumped in the last few years….a silver quarter is worth about(about) $6.50 in scrap silver and a dime $2.60….just something to keep in mind…

    1. Tim, the only silver coins that I have found have been in change. I did dig a 64 nickel yesterday but I think those are only 30-40% silver. I really want to find some early coins. Merc dimes, barbers, and seated liberty coins. I will keep digging!

  2. I never did get the handle on nickels with the 250 myself. You have done well!

    The 1964 nickel is 75% copper and 25% nickel. The only nickels to have any silver were the ‘War’ nickels, which had 35% silver. The years for war nickels are 1942-1945. You can easily recognize them by the large mint mark on top of the Monticello building on the reverse of the coin.

    Still, you are doing well to find all those nickels with the 250.

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