Mish mash, this that don’t judge a park by its cover

Tonight I am writing on a different note. I got a new double d coil for the Ace 250 today. I had the opportunity to hunt with it at lunch and I think the two of us are going to be happy together for a long time. I was hunting a park today that was built in the 2000’s. It probably gets dismissed by a bunch of hunters. However all the homes around it were early 1900’s.The park was created after a highway expansion forced a few of the homes to be demoed. I have always known the small new park had some potential to produce silver. While hunting it over the last week I have found many old pieces of trash and older clad. Today with the double d coil the first target I dug was an old old silver inlaid spoon. 1900-1930’s vintage. Note silver inlaid is just a fancy marketing term for silver plated! Second target I dug was a 1953 wheatie. This only confirms that the potential is there. As PullTabMiner would say I can sense something there…. There you have it mish mash, this that, don’t judge the park. Happy hunting and keep swinging your thing!


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