To hunt or not to hunt… That is the question

I have been researching old school houses in my area. I have found a place two miles from my home that I would like to hunt. A schoolhouse is shown on 1885 and 1905 plat maps. Currently you can see a square of trees that I believe encapsulated the old school. The problem is that the land is owned by someone clear across the state and I cannot figure out how to get in touch with them. They own 130 acres around the corner acre or so that the school was on. There are no houses on the property so door knocking is out of the question. Would you just go hunt it? The property is essentially middle of nowhere. I think I could probably hunt it and nobody would ever say a thing…. But I know that someone owns it and it’s private. I cannot find anything about the owners online. Simply a name of the LLC that owns it and the town they are in. What are your thoughts?

After a few calls around Hillsboro KS and Beatrice NE I have permission to hunt. I am stoked to get out there with the Ace 250 with the DD coil!


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