And the answer is to hunt!

Well since I got permission to hunt from the old school yard Kolton and I went over there this evening. The first target we dug was a wheat Penny. It’s a nice area with fence and trees on all four sides. I believe the building was dismantled nicely because there is a small stack of old wood siding. However the Ace was coming up with a bunch of interference. I’m not sure if this was due to powerlines, iron in ground, or the nearby telephone box or just too much sensitivity. I am thinking the cylindrical thing is an old bullet because it appears to be an inverted cone inside. Happy hunting and I cant wait to spend more time at this spot.






2 thoughts on “And the answer is to hunt!

  1. That wheat is certainly promising! That means that the school stood at least until the late 40’s which gives you 50+ years of children playing in the school yard and hopefully dropping coins.

    1. Miner, I may have to borrow your V3i to help cut out some of the interference at the old school. The Ace was going nuts to the point of me just reaching over and hitting the power button a couple of times. Any suggestions other than turn the sensitivity down?

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