Sounds so goood!!!

Tonight I spent the evening detecting an old ball field. I believe this baseball diamond has been used since the late 1940s. I heard many many good sounds out of the garrett. My finds sure dont show it though. All in all it was somewhat disappointing.. Pictures say it all. Old but not round or silver, or even interesting. If you buy a metal detector to get rich you better know someone who will pay big money for pulltabs and other assorted metal junk.



2 thoughts on “Sounds so goood!!!

  1. I will say this: You’re starting out the hard way; digging everything. What this means is that you will find gold before other people. I had a dry spell of 8 days, digging nothing but trash, with a wayyyy more expensive machine.

    Your day is coming!

    1. Miner I was digging everything because I was in the spectator area. I think I should be more open to discrimination while hunting. I get the idea of gold rings in my head and then I dont adapt to the hunting area..

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