Where to hunt?? Depends what you are hunting…

Well this weekend has been a great weekend to be outdoors. We started Friday morning with fishing. We chased bass for 6 hours and didn’t catch any of them. We then hunted at a park in Douglass KS. We picked up some clad and met a very nice metal detectorist while there. Saturday afternoon I hunted some ballfields in town. I had always stayed away from the actual ball fields because I wasn’t confident in my retrieval skills. I have been missing out.. I pulled a fair amount of clad out of one of them!! I still have several more to hunt! After church my lovely wife needed to go to Target. The boys and I opted to go geocaching. The first cache we went to is a matchstick container in the bottom of a chainlink fence post. How do you get that out? Giving up for lack of tools, we went and found a couple more quick and easy ones. I finally got to swing the Garrett tonight at 8:30. I managed to find $.80 cents in an hour or so. Not a huge amount but the alone time was much needed! Thanks for reading, now get outdoors and play!

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