Really how lazy are we!!

I would like to vent for a second.. Are we as a society so lazy and self righteous that we don’t pick up after ourselves.. I decided to metal detect at the local football field that the pee wees play on and the adult pee wees spectate. There must be some really lazy, self centered, nose in the air, people out there! Here is why. I hunted in an area that was no bigger than 300 square feet. Within that area I dug about 40 pull tabs from soda cans, 6 fully crushed cans that were buried, and 5 coins. That is not a very good trash to goods ratio. There is nothing that irritates me more than to get a good signal and dig a 6 inch hole only to find a crushed can sitting perfectly in the bottom of it. After I had dug 4 of these I started wondering why I had to dig them. There are a couple scenarios I came up with.

A: A kid finishes a soda and thinks they have to prove something and crushes it. Meanwhile his buddy distracts him and he forgets it. Almost excusable.

B: The peewee game finishes up and the family is loading into the vehicle. They have a couple cans and they don’t see a trash can. Out of pure laziness they leave them and decide that someone else will clean it up… NOT

I am guessing that both of these brief scenarios have happened. My question to litterers is this. What good could possibly come of this? You not having to deal with it? Grow up and quit being lazy. This makes our hobby less enjoyable. Maybe I should go to one of these sports fields with all the trash I have dug from them. I could throw it back at you while you watch little Jimmy run down field. Keep your hobby clean so our hobby will be more enjoyable. There I’m done.

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