Motorcycling with the Garrett

Tonight I wanted to write about something that seems quite simple at first look but quickly becomes complex. I have ridden my motorcycle for 45,000 miles with the only storage being my backpack. In my day to day travels it has worked quite well. I recently found myself looking for a new backpack due to broken zippers, worn material, and the need for a little bigger bag. My wife and I spent all afternoon looking for a new way of carrying items on the bike. There are many, many options that are expensive when it comes to storage for a motorcycle. After a bit of searching my wife found this Saddleman bag that fits over the passenger seat of the bike. I am really looking forward to using this bag. It should easily fit the Garret Ace 250 when split into two pieces. I will also be able to easily fit all the other accessories needed for metal detecting on the bike. I am guessing that I will be able to load this thing up with all my rain gear, an extra helmet, books, metal detecting stuff, and enough clothes for a 1 or 2 day trip. This will make my trip to the K and M discovery teams 2012 FMDF treasure hunt. I may even be able to pack a tent for the overnight stay. This should be a great couple of days with great folks from Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Keep an eye on my blog for upcoming reviews of the new bag. Happy Hunting no matter how you get there!



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