That was impressive… Yeah lets go with that.

I had a couple times to get out and metal detect today. Both were very challenging hunts.

1st hunt was a park in Wichita that has been a park since the late 1800’s. I hunted for about 30 minutes and dug a 1934 D wheat penny. I will hopefully pull some silver out of this park!

2nd hunt was tonight and started at 8:00 pm. I thought I would take off on foot and hit some sidewalk strips in the oldest part of our little town. This ground has been the town since 1895 ish. Two major hurdles showed themselves early. Buried fiber optic cable and gravel. The first obstacle I can overcome by backing off my sensitivity a little bit. The second one can not be cured so easily. It seems as though our town had gravel sidewalk strip s at some point. Dig about an inch down and you hit rock. Not pea gravel either. Im talking chunk rock that you cant penetrate without flexing the handle on your digger. I want Silver #2 so badly I cant explain it. I would really like to break into the 1800s. My oldest coin so far is a 1920 something wheat penny.


2 thoughts on “That was impressive… Yeah lets go with that.

  1. He he he…you have Silver Sickness. The only cure is to find that silky white metal and the only way to get it is to hunt, hunt, hunt. I need to talk to you about some ideas that may get you into the 1800’s.

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