Hiya silver!

Tonight I spent a couple hours out hunting. It was the therapy I needed after the last week. I dug a few trash targets in an area that I didn’t expect too much out of. I then moved to another area of the park and quickly found $.52 and a nice sized mens silver ring. I can see some markings on the interior but I can’t make them out clearly. I believe it is .825 meaning 82% silver. I will turn this ring over to the experienced guys in town and see if they can tell. Anyways I am glad that the silver train finally stopped in front of me. Happy hunting and thanks for looking!



One thought on “Hiya silver!

  1. Congrats on the sweet silver ring man!

    Ma’ pappi down on the Lu-see-anne always told me that if I heard hoof steps to expect horses not zebras so, .825 is just too weird of a content for a silver ring. It seems to me you may have a mis-shapen 9 that somehow looks like an 8.

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