Trust in the night

Well I first want to apologize to any ladies who clicked on this thinking it was a romance novel. Well I guess it kind of is… Tonight I got out for about an hour to hunt around town. I decided to hit a park that was built in the mid 80’s. I knew the chances of finding silver coins would be low. I ended up finding $.99 during the hunt. I was going slow and really focusing on the noises the Garrett was putting out. The quarters I dug were all over 4″ deep the deepest being at 5″. On everyone of these coins the Garrett gave out a nice high pitched belltone. This really makes me wish it would have a similar tone for nickels. I dug a few deep nickel tones and ended up with pulltabs that were just as deep as the other coins. I love my Ace and I hate it at the same time. Pulltabs, nickels, and small can slaw all sound pretty much the same. From what I have read gold rings will sound about the same as well. Even though it was dark I am really starting to trust what the detector is telling me! I may even hide my display and hunt for awhile just so I don’t have to process the info visually and mentally. We all know that the sounds are much more accurate than the target ID. Happy Hunting!



One thought on “Trust in the night

  1. I am sorry to tell you my friend, that you will experience the same pains with any other detector, including the high end models.

    If you upgrade, you will gain tools to make you make smart decisions when it comes to the point of digging, but the things that haunt us; the can slaw, the bottle caps, the pull tabs, well, those things haunt us all.

    I will say that with the high end detectors, you will dig less bottle caps, but that seems to be the only thing we have conquered.

    Oh, and because conceivably you can go deeper with a high end machine, you will start digging deep rusty nails.

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