Rain drops!

Well I finally have some input on the Saddlemen TS3200. I have used the bag for about a week now and it seems to work really well. I love all the pockets and the size of the bag. I can carry a ton of stuff in it. Yesterday I loaded up the Garrett Ace 250 and all accessories needed for metal detecting over my lunch break. At around 10:00 it started raining. I debated whether or not to remove the bag from the bike. I decided to only pull the Garrett and pinpointer out of the bag. I’m glad I did. This bag is not waterproof or even close to water resistant. If you have anything in the bag you don’t want to get wet take it out or remove the whole bag. This leads me to a huge disappointment on Saddlemens part. Most bags of this caliber come with a rain cover. A $2.00 rain cover would make this bag great! Now I’m stuck trying to figure out how to keep water out of it while riding. I thought I would go to Wal-Mart and see what they had to help me. I found a backpack rain cover that says it is 35Lx10Hx15W.  The dimensions make it seem like it would fit easily. I purchased it for $8. Once I got home I put it on the bag and due to the odd shape of the bag it only covers the top half. I think with the right bungee cords I can make it work. It will at least cover the main compartment and most of the sides. BUT WHY.. In my opinion a custom fit rain cover should be included. Anyways my rant is done and I still think the bag is a good value. More to come in the future!


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