The Cost of Metal Detecting

Lately I have had a few people ask me about getting into metal detecting. I thought I would share my opinions after a few months of swinging, digging, and finding…
There are many entry level detectors available. You can find links to all the manufacturers here on my weblinks section. I chose the Garrett Ace 250 for my first detector. I based my decision on reviews via the internet. I enjoy the Garrett for it’s simplicity. The Fisher F2 gets pretty rave reviews. Both of these detectors have target ID displays that allow a little control over what targets make an audible noise. The Tesoro Compadre does not have a screen and forces you to make a decision whether to dig or not based on audible sounds alone. Most manufacturers make an entry level metal detector for $150-$250. I would suggest doing research on the forum. There are many many experienced detectorists that love to share their opinions.

That gets your main detector out of the way. Here are a few other items that will take some money.
Pinpointer- $70-$120. The Garrett propointer gets the best reviews out of any of them.
Digger- $10-$50. My advise here is to buy a sturdy, sharpened digger. A quick websearch will bring up all kinds of digging tools.
Gloves and batteries. The gloves I feel are necessity. Batteries are a constant expense. I generally get 30-40 hours out of a set of batteries.

The most time consuming factor is research. I spend as much time researching as I do detecting. If you plan on only hunting playgrounds for modern money you will find some freshly dropped coins. If you hunt in an old park these detectors will probably fail you at 7-8 inches. There are many detectors that go for more than $ 1,500. Veteran detectorists can help guide you when it comes to picking out a detector.
On that note of research I got permission today to hunt a home that was built in 1891! If I had it to do over again I probably would have chosen to buy a higher end detector that was used. I hope this starts to answer everyones questions. Thank you for looking and let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Hunting!


3 thoughts on “The Cost of Metal Detecting

  1. Thanks Steven we have a few sandy beaches around the lakes and some old mines that I would like to explore. I. Have saw some detectors. In the pawn shops but I will have to learn about them. Karl Atkins

  2. It’s funny you posted this as I have been thinking lately that I should have stayed with the Ace 250 ha ha ha! Ok, maybe not the 250 but definitely the AT Pro.

    The only thing that the Ace 250 needs is a more granulated Iron discriminator. That’s it. in every other respect the Ace will do 80-90% what every other metal detector out there can do.

    The high end units give you more analysis tools and a little bit more power along with a few other toys but these additions really only add 10% to 20% to the chances of finding cool stuff. Is 20% more worth the extra $1000? You decide

    Still, no argument of mine will keep you from upgrading as no one would have convinced me not to upgrade.

    The new Cabela’s store on the East side carries Fisher and Minelab metal detectors IN the store!

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