What a day

Today, I spent sometime metal detecting a home in Delano (old part of middle Wichita) I was graciously allowed to detect this 1891 homestead by the company that has gone through and totally renovated it. I had seen pictures but was pleasantly surprised when I got there and discovered a large corner lot! I met who I will call my Mentor there. I pulled the Ace out of my bag. The new motorcycle bag seems to work quite well. After unloading our machines we fired up our detectors and got to work! The weather was amazing and the quiet neighborhood was a nice addition. After about 10 minutes I had found my first coin among all of the low iron tones. I asked my mentor if he was getting the same iron signals and he confirmed. It seems like a bunch of roofing nails were buried about an inch and a half deep. Neither one of us found silver or gold coins but we did manage a couple wheat pennies and a little clad. I was admiring the brand new windows of this home while I was detecting around two old clothes lines. I think for the asking price that this is a pretty sweet property! I believe they are asking $79,000 dollars for a home with new plumbing, new heat/air, character, and new windows. I am hoping to detect this property a few more times before it sells. If you would like more info on the home send me an email and I can get you in touch with the right person! My mentor and I are certain we will find some good stuff based on the age of the property.With this much history you have to take your time and do it right! Hopefully my next post will include a silver coin, gold coin, or possibly a nice old relic! Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!


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