Searching and researching

Today something has been heavy on my mind. I spent some time today detecting the curb strip of an early 1900’s home. This property is across the street from the home I discussed in yesterdays blog post. While there I dug 15 targets and only came up with $.24. While my oldest son was at baseball practice I detected around and found $.28. Later in the evening my lovely bride needed me to get her some more fabric for a quilt she is doing. On my way home I stopped at a newer school and picked up $.52…. Every one of the coins were modern. Truth be told I would have been more satisfied if I had found one silver coin at any of these locations. The problem is that I am doing too much searching and not enough time researching. I have to say that my skills are improving with the exception of research. If you have been following my posts you know that my research mentioned in old school and finally, paid off with several wheat pennies and my first silver coin, and some relics. Lately my hunts have been lacking this crucial step!

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