Back to Great Britain

Today over the lunch break I was hunting at an old elementary school in Wichita. I found a few old surface coins that were nothing special. Then it happened, a good solid coin signal at 6″ deep. I dug my plug which was a full 6″ blades worth. Nothing.. So I dug another inch and then the sweet belltone was in my plug. I pinpointed around and I was shocked to find an 1890 queen Victoria farthing. Someone has used it as a necklace but I still think it is pretty cool. My mind instantly started thinking about the mint that made the coin. How did it get to Wichita? How long ago was it dropped? The 30’s? 40’s? Who knows! So far this is my oldest coin and this find solidifies my obsession!




2 thoughts on “Back to Great Britain

  1. I found out that the school you hunted was built in 1890! The school was there a decade or two before the neighborhood. It is possible, that this farthing was given as a gift during the opening of the school!!

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