Weekend in review

Well this blog will start out bright and early Saturday morning. I met my buddy Pulltab Miner at the old elementary school where I found the 1890 farthing. We hunted for about 3 hours and only managed a couple wheat pennies. Sunday after church the boys and I decided to head to Augusta Ks to do some fun stuff. I quickly realized that I had left my pinpointer at home. I decided that we would throw the baseball and frisbee around instead of detecting. After a couple hours I saw a spot that I couldn’t resist hunting. Dug two trash targets and on the third one my digger busted. We decided to hit one of the local playgrounds which would allow the boys to play and my digging much easier. At that playground we scored $.67 and a silver necklace with a pendant containing the lords prayer! I was then contacted by a person who had filed a report on Lostmystuff.net I decided to go help look for jewelry and coin collection the person had lost in the Andover tornado of 1991. Kolton and I must have dug 50-60 targets. 30 of which were pennies. Wheats and memorials abound. Then I dug a silver spoon that was bent in a perfect 90 degree angle and a mercury dime from 1938. I returned all finds to the homeowner. The silver spoon was part of the homeowners set that had been handed down from her grandparents. I asked the homeowners if they would sell me the merc and they graciously gave it to me for my efforts. I only hunted about 1/4 of the yard and I will be returning to help them out as much as possible. All in all it was a good weekend! Plus I feel good about helping out someone who appreciated it..



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