Well last night was a little rough. We all fell asleep and slept pretty well until it happened… Thunder and Lightning at almost 03:00 hours. I scurried to get the rainfly on the Wenzel. Even though this tent is monstrous it is very user friendly and kept us dry all night. I was awoken this morning at 06:00 hours by two boys who needed the restroom. We didn’t go back to sleep. We went fishing! We fished for about an hour until the rain was making it miserable. We decided to go back to the campground and start packing up the tent. After the rain subsided we hit the water again. We fished until about one in the afternoon. The fishing was great but the catching sucked. We decided to grab some food in Eldorado. We then picnicked in the East park which is a very cool park that was built in 1889. After we had “crushed” our lunch the boys played for a couple hours and I swung the Garrett. My dreams of easy silver coins were quickly blown up. I could visibly see where another detectorist had been. In closing I can say that I wish we had caught fish, had perfect weather, and found several caches of gold and silver. But to see the enjoyment on my two oldest sons faces wile being in the great outdoors is the best payoff. All in all a great weekend!


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