Quick silver

So a change of plans moved my lunchtime hunt to more of an afternoon hunt. I decided to hit Linwood Park in Wichita. I assembled the Ace and got to work. One pulltab down, then a bottlecap. The third target I dug ended my hunt. I got a deep iffy signal out of the Garrett. Dug my plug and the target was still in the hole. I continued to dig a little more. Finally I spot something come out of the hole. At first I thought it was a pulltab but upon clearing the dirt away I learned it was a ring. Almost did a happy dance right there. Once I saw sterling and a makers mark I went back to work and cleaned it up! The mark was used by Uncas between 1922 and either 1940 or 1980 depending on the source of information. I emailed a photo to the maker and asked them to date it for me. Once I learn something I will update my blog. Happy day and happy hunting!



4 thoughts on “Quick silver

  1. I am curious if the company will reply. They have thousands upon thousands of designs throughout their history. Still, there is always a chance.
    The ornate design makes me think that the ring is from the early 1900’s. That plus the depth at which you found it and the place where you found it.
    If the stone is made of resin, then the ring is not that old as I’ve found that resin stones don’t do well under ground.

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