Information abounds

Well today has been a rollercoaster of emotions surrounding metal detecting. Up and down all around!
Point A- I heard from Uncas MFG. they are the jeweler that made the ring I found and wrote about in Quick Silver. The lady said that they didn’t have an exact date but knew who the designer was and that dates it between 1920 and 1930. Sweet!

Point B- while detecting at Linwood park I met an elderly man who told me a story. This story was that he was involved with a speakeasy during prohibition years and knew exactly where it was/is. I sent my buddy PulltabMiner a map and the story. He was in that area and checked it out. Two calls later and I was talking to the lady that could give us permission to hunt it. They were fully aware of the history and said absolutely no way! This place would be amazing to hunt and they won’t even let Mrs. Kansas take photos on the property!! Maybe the 1870’s brothel he told me about will pan out. I knew there was a reason they nick named the town its in Disgusta, KS…

There you have it. The rollercoaster.


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