What to expect out of the Mding hobby

When someone thinks of metal detecting their brains automatically go to buried treasure and tons of loot. While you can find caches of old coins and jewelry, your chances of getting rich are slim. I recently watched a video on YouTube of Chicago Ron. This guy and his hunting partner find more gold with their detectors than I ever thought possible. They spend all of their time working and metal detecting. I don’t believe either one of them does it as their #1 form of income. The reason I wanted to talk about this was due to my finds over the last week or so. It seems as though every hunt I was pulling at least wheat pennies or something interesting. That is until Saturday.. I have hunted for about 5 hours this weekend and I have dug virtually nothing of interest. I will admit that a cold has hampered my attitude big time. But I spent almost 2 hours hunting sand volleyball courts today and dug 1 can tab. I saw gold rings while swinging….Saturday I hunted some very old land while our van was getting serviced. I saw Big silver coins in the ground but only managed to dig trash and 1 penny. This brings my weekend earnings to $.01… Quite depressing. I think the metal detecting gods have a huge humble stick and once you start feeling good about the hobby they use it to knock you down! Hopefully my days to come improve. At least I know the dirt I hunt during the week is still soft and loamy. Our hometown dirt is impossible right now. Even the sharpened spade shovel with my weight behind it is struggling. Not so happy hunting! It happens….


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