Uken dig it… Not so much

Well tonight i decided to my luck at jewelry and freshly dropped coins. I made my way to the massive soccer fields down the road. I had dug a couple pennies and the I had a strong quarter signal at 4-6″.. No problem right.. I shove my Ames 7 in 1 tool into the ground three times to make my plug . Press down to lift the plug and I hear my digger crack on the handle. I have loved this digger up until a month ago when my original one busted. Fortunately the $11 tool comes with a lifetime warranty and a quick exchange at Lowes got it replaced. Unfortunately it has happened twice this month. All I hear on the forums is that the Lesche digger is the best. But 50-60 dollars for a digging tool seems ridiculous. I know Pulltab just ordered a new digger that looks like it would work well. My question is still the same is it crazy to spend that kind of money on a digger or am I crazy for not buying a better digger? I tell you what. I will pick out the digger of choice and then you can convince my bride that I’m not crazy and it should go in the need category…. Happy hunting!


6 thoughts on “Uken dig it… Not so much

  1. It is both crazy to buy a $60 digger and not to buy a digger that will make your life easier. As much as we hunt, not having a quality digger is plain masochistic!
    The Lesche is great for cutting plugs and digging 7 inch holes. It is terrible for scooping dirt out of the hole. You will inevitably end up using your hands.
    Invest on a Sampson T-handle digger. I will post a review of the Raptor as soon as I get it.

  2. I still use the True temper and havn’t broke it yet. I know it is not as strong as the others but for $11 bucks it was hard to pass up. I have not used it yet in the sun-baked summer soil yet, so I will see how it goes. As long as it hold holds up for me I will continue to use it and save for other goodies (5×8 coil, pro pointer).
    This hobby is as ridiculous as fishing. There is always something else to purchase.

    1. I dont think that this hobby is near as expensive as fishing. Especially id you own a boat. I can take everything I need to metal detect on my motorcycle which sips the gas compared to the truck and boat. I could buy two nice rod s and reels for what I have in the hobby. I have done some tournament fishing in my time and so far mding is not even close investment wise. I just wish there was a great and reasonably priced digger out there. Maybe I should invest in a Hori-Hori…

      1. If you find something let me know, the tru temper works but it is not the best.
        I hope I did not come off offensive. I meant the ridiculous part to be my desire to never be satisfied and always need the extra goodies that come with it. Kind of like I need a casting,spinning, flipping, crappie, cat rods. Meanwhile my wife who has one rod catches more fish than me:)

      2. Not offensive at all man. I have learned to keep things simple. I currently only own two falcons with pfleuger reels. I went higher quality lesser of. I’m thinking that may be what I do for a digger as well. FYI the bass boat in my driveway has sat for a few years because it is hard for me to justify putting money into it. My sons are just as happy fishing from the bank. I did rent a boat last year on our vacation and had a ball without the annual upkeep expense. It was nice!

  3. In order of importance:
    Knee pads

    You can do without anything else. Also, you can skimp on anything else but these four things.

    In my humble opinion of course 🙂

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