Change of focus!

Well I have had a burning desire to dig up some gold since I started detecting. With several pieces of silver under my belt, the desire to find gold has grown even stronger. Last weekend I was telling Pulltab Miner that I really wanted to find some of the yellow metal with the soft luster. A fellow hunter told me quite sometime ago that gold would show up as a penny on the Garrett. Well I did several air tests tonight on a few pieces of gold I have laying around. Every pendant and ring rang up as a Nickel with a blip of penny. I have always heard that gold bracelets and chains are the hardest gold to detect. This was confirmed with air tests! I hunted for about 2 1/2 hours tonight after the rest of the family had gone to bed. I dug 20-30 targets including the mid tones that would include gold. I have heard several people suggest that rookies dig every repeatable signal they find. I think this would quickly discourage them of the hobby. Even after all my finds tonight I feel I need some rules to keep me from getting discouraged. Maybe I will start digging all solid nickel and pulltab signals shallower than a certain depth? Hopefully we will have some gold in the near future. it goes without saying that there will definitely be more pulltabs and bottle caps!


Happy Hunting!


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