Diggers.. Not the TV show

I stopped by Lowes today and replaced my Ames 7 in 1 plant buddy. As I was looking for the replacement I noticed a different version from Ames called the planters pal. It is the same price as the original but the build quality isn’t remotely close to the original. I finally found one of the original ones. I’m guessing that they are going to do away with the pretty decent original. If they do I will have to buy something better! Whether it be a Lesche digger, Sampson shovel, or Predator Raptor. On that note I was looking through my blog analytics and noticed that someone from WW manufacturing was looking at my blog. Maybe they could send me a couple of samples to test and review on my blog? Of course I could give them a banner ad on the blog in trade… I’m sure my wife would be much happier with this scenario. On the side of detecting I managed to find some clad today. $.23 to be exact….

Happy hunting!

2 thoughts on “Diggers.. Not the TV show

  1. Steven,
    Just wanted to say I found your blog off of David’s blog and enjoy it very much.

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