Mems an Acura and the BIG O

Well tonight I tried a different kind of hunt for big silver. I thought I would go to the older part of Wichita and hunt curb strips in front of businesses. Well my finds are in the picture. My back is really starting to hurt from this constant two week slump I’ve been in. I can’t blame the Garrett Ace because it is doing it’s job. I am just really having issues in hearing which signals I want to dig. I find myself questioning signals that are iffy over 6″ deep. If I hear an iron tone all around an iffy high tone I have been choosing not to dig it. The Garrett gives out a nice belltone on any coin less than 5″ or so. I dig them and there are coins. I am really struggling with those deeper questionable ones in trashy areas. My buddy PullTab and I were discussing the idea that knowing your machine is a very important factor. I’m still learning and the DD coil and new headphones have changed the way things sound. The coil opened up what I would call another layer of targets to perceive. I hope my slump ends soon. The upside is that I enjoyed a great ride in the stormy weather. My favorite time to ride is right before a storm moves through!

Happy Hunting!



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