“Prospect”ing park pays off and my back feels better

Today I was out on sales calls and saw a park in Wichita. I had never noticed this park before. A little later I sent PulltabMiner a message asking about the park. He informed me that it had been there since 1900. I didn’t use my break at work today for metal detecting and I had the itch. I left work right at five and headed to the park. I couldn’t spend much time there because two of our boys had baseball games. There were a couple kids there that looked up to no good. I had dug two pulltabs before they headed my way. I saw them coming so I took my headphones off and heard them snickering. Me being me smiled and asked how it was going. They asked what I was doing and told them I was looking for metal. They asked if I had found anything. I quickly tossed them the two pulltabs and said yes. They went on about how boring and dumb it was… Little do they realize. The next target I came across was a Nickle signal with a little Pulltab mixed in. Bouncing between 2-4 inches. I dug a plug and pinpointed dead on center and just a bit deeper. I was giddy like a school girl when I saw my find. A ring marked14K and makers mark Artcarved… My first gold and I didn’t want to celebrate externally. A quick dash back to the bike and I was gone! The whole way to the ball game I was thinking how mad can my wife be that I’m 5 minutes late because she’ll love the gold. She wasn’t nearly impressed as I was, but did agree that it was cool! Happy Hunting is back again!



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