Tab, tab, who knew!!

This morning I had the pleasure of hunting with several people from the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum. We hunted an older park in Wichita. I have never found a silver coin in this park. That being said I chose to mainly look for gold. This means digging signals that others don’t… Trash and pulltabs!! I dug my fair share but didnt come up with gold. I snapped a photo of my finds. A couple guys found some nice coins including a 1920 wheat penny, a 1916 mercury dime, and an 1890 v nickel. I am sad to say none of them were in my finds pouch. I had the Garrett programmed to find anything from tabs to quarters. Iron and big silver were discriminated out.. Am I crazy for trying so hard on gold?? Or am I the patient hunter that gets rewarded with the yellow precious metal? I know that Pulltab Miner and I have similar thoughts on this but I believe it comes down to amounts of Gold and Silver in the ground. I am guessing that there is less gold than silver overall! Maybe this means I have to dig 10x more junky targets to get a good one. Hopefully when it does hit it makes up for a few missed silver coins.. What are your thoughts??

Thanks for reading this somewhat crazy train of thought!



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