Nothing makes me happier

Well today was a great finish to a holiday weekend. I started the honey do list at about 11 this morning. My wonderful Dad had helped me build a pergola awhile back.. Ok quite awhile back! Since then my wife and I had been debating how to shade it. We looked at just lattice, awnings, bamboo shades, and practically every other option out there. The other evening my wife brought home 3 potato vines. That meant I needed to give them a ladder and a foundation spot. Today I spent all afternoon building a frame and lattice system for the to take off on. I cant wait to see these things in a couple of years. It should be a great resting spot in the evening! Kolton and I dug up our fine clay/cement yard and planted all three vines in some decent soil. We then blanketed the bed in cypress mulch. Finally I was done and could go detecting! I loaded up and went to a park in Derby Ks. While there kids were playing baseball while elders threw horseshoes. There was a mother swinging gently with her newborn. It was then that it hit me. Many americans doing what they wanted.. The general public had freedom. I am saddened by the lives given for the freedom we have. Everyday we should be thankful for what they accomplished! My hunt was ok but the thoughts I had were more interesting. I only found $.49 but the time in the park doing what I wanted was the real payoff!

Happy hunting and thank you for reading!


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