The 5 W’s

I want to start off by saying sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been very busy trying a somewhat strange hunting strategy. It may be easiest to explain it with the five W’s..

Who- Pulltab Miner and I
What- digging midtones that other dectorists don’t dig.
When- anytime I possibly can
Where- anywhere it is possible with permission
WhyGOLD– simply put most gold sounds like trash pulltabs or can slaw. Most guys shy away from digging these mid tones. That means they are everywhere (tones not gold rings). This is proven every place I have hunted so far.

You can walk for a half hour or hour and only get 1-5 good tones. It maybe a coin or trash that appears as a coin to your detector.

Walk the same amount of time and you can dig 30-40 lower perfectly aged signals that are shallow.

When I first started hunting I always thought ” if someone else decided not to dig this target, it must be trash”. Now I really question so many targets that I have walked over in my short detecting career.

Currently I am digging aroun 50 pieces of trash a day. Hopefully when it is my turn the payoff is worth it! Stay Tuned

I forgot to add the 6th W- we finally got rain!! This makes deeper signals more pronounced and digging twenty times easier! Wet is good..


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