Not so easy sunday morning!

Well today has definitely not been an ordinary sunday. Well some of it has been! Lets go in chronological order.
06-02 11:00 pm: I decide that I will definitely metal detect before motorcycle safety class.
06-02 11:02 pm: set the alarm for 5:10 (this should give me about 45 minutes to metal detect before coaching class).
06-03 5:10 am wake up to the sound of rain. I love it!
06-03 5:30 am I am geared up to ride in the rain and leave for class
06-03 6:00 am I am in Wichita and very close to the park. Within spitting distance as a matter of fact. I had rode down several sand/mud roads at this point. No big deal right…
As I make my final turn to the parking area I notice a big puddle to the right, a truck parked on the left and a vehicle headed my way quickly. I figured I could miss the puddle with room to spare. Proceed to turn and the rear tire hits a solid rock, slides into the puddle, and I go down middle of the mud! I get up and the left side of the bike is caked in gumbo as well as I! I get the bike upright and check that everything is operable. The nice thing about mud is that it is a soft landing. Straddle the bike and my feet are in several inches of water… Not the way to start the morning! I finally manage to ride the bike out of the pit.
There was a guy reading a newspaper who seemed concerned about my well being between his laughter.. Pride knocked down a bit!
6:25 I finally get the bike parked on solid ground. Get the Garrett out and dug a few trash signals hoping to pick up some gold. I figured it would help my pride.
6:55 I pull into our riding range and I am ready for a day of coaching. We had twelve successful students which always makes me feel good!
4:30 pm I leave class for a gorgeous ride home!
5:00 pm I arrive home and I am greeted by my family and we head to our favorite mexican restaurant in Winfield Ks. Pork Monterrey and a DosEquis.. Perfect!

Mud puddle included and lack of gold don’t matter it was still a great day!


One thought on “Not so easy sunday morning!

  1. I am glad your day ended well. I can only assume you are talking about Neives.

    I always thought the name should be spelled Nieves not Neives but then, it’s not my restaurant! LOL!

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