Oh what a night

Well I didn’t get out detecting today until after dinner. Karson and I decided to head out. We only had one requirement and that was to have fun! We decided to hunt a park in Derby. Mostly because it could possibly produce silver or gold and had two playgrounds. I think the park was developed in the late forties or early fifties. Now that I am the proud owner of a Lesche digger Karson was able to help me dig using the Ames digger. I only have 3-4 hours with the Lesche but so far I really like it. WW manufacturing seems to build fairly bullet proof products! I can’t say that I love the Lesche yet but it has some qualities that I really like! Build quality is great, cutting a plug is easier because the blade is about 1 inch longer than the Ames.. This makes retrieving a 6-7 inch target much easier. Karson was getting disappointed hunting only for gold so we dug some coins. We only ended up finding $.47. While Karson gave 110% to catch a firefly I went back to gold mode! The best part of tonight was spending time with my boy. We had a game of slug bug that had continued at the park with us yelling slug bug across the park a few times. Good weather, good company, and a great time!

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!


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