Do I feel warm to you?

As everyone knows I have been on the hunt for gold.. Pulltab Miner has named this phenomena gold fever. This gold fever has hit me hard! The last couple of days I have been hunting public parks where I suspect someone could have lost jewelry. I have been digging everything from foil to quarter. Hunting this way is starting to get discouraging because mid tones are everywhere! Most places you can’t take more than a step or two without getting some kind of low-mid tone. I continue to dig more nickels than I used to hunting this way. Most the coins I’m finding are mid 60’s to the mid 80’s. The burning question is simple. Where’s the gold??




One thought on “Do I feel warm to you?

  1. My friend, the gold was that one tab you didn’t dig. You know the one I am talking about… LOL! The gold is there, waiting for the more audacious and persistent hunters…

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