Peace, Peas, or Both?

I spent some time hunting the oldest park in Wichita today. I found an area of the park that seems to be less traveled. I don’t want to say the finds were good but at least they were interesting… List below

15 pull tabs- Many of these pull tabs were interesting for one reason. They were all less than 2″ deep. I started noticing a pattern when I would kneel down to dig them. Peas, There were peas in the area. Someone should give peas a chance!

Bullet of around .40 Caliber- This was 7 inches deep. It was such an odd sound that I had to dig it up. I know this bullet is bigger than a .32 caliber because it is visibly bigger than the .32 caliber casing I found a few weeks back.. Someone should give peace a chance!

No precious metals but it was still a gorgeous day to be out and about.




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