Breezy like Sunday morning!

Well this weekend I haven’t metal detected at all. I spent all weekend teaching an MSF class. The ride to class was beautiful with as close to perfect weather as we get in Ks. By 8:00 the winds picked up and stayed all day. While we were in between exercises I hummed the tune “breezy like Sunday morning”. It stuck in my head all day because the wind was obnoxious on the MTSI range. The heat built and the wind howled. But in the end we blessed 11 rookie motorcyclists with completion certificates. The class takes a ton out of our students both mentally and physically! However at the end of the weekend the sense of accomplishment in their voices and on their faces is the real reward! I have always said that the rewards out weigh the sore back, feet, and windburn we receive by coaching these classes! All of this was topped by seeing my sister, niece, and nephew from California.. The picture of me in the helmet is for your viewing entertainment!

Good weekend all around!





One thought on “Breezy like Sunday morning!

  1. Ha ha ha!!! I have to say I was entertained by your picture!

    Anyway, I did my best to remove as much trash from various Wichita parks so that when you do get a chance to hunt, you won’t have to bother with the trash.

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