30 minute hunt with a lasting impression

Well my time for hunting has been minimal the last few days. I spent about thirty minutes hunting with PulltabMiner a couple days ago. I hadn’t hunted since. There is an interesting tie between my last two hunts. And that tie is kids. While hunting with Miner the other day there were 3 kids hanging around us. They were interested in detecting with about 50% of their mental capability. Tonight I hunted for 30 minutes at the local ballfields. I started out digging everything and then it happened. 1 spectator turned into 10 kids spectating. They were not pushy and seemed very intrigued. At this point I started only digging solid coins, nickels included. I ended up plucking a little over $1.00 on this hunt. What surprised me is the fact that there were a few Boy Scouts in this group of kids. I am the area merit badge counselor for geocaching. This group of boys made me wonder… Why isn’t there a merit badge for metal detecting. They have badges for archeology, coin collecting, and geocaching? These seem to go hand in hand with treasure hunting. Anyways after my hunt and on my way home I started pondering to myself. Will tonight be memorable for those kids? Will they dream of finding caches of spanish reales? Gold coins from years past in the USA? Or will they not remember me at all. I like to think that as they watched me detect, retrieve, and fill my holes they saw me as a responsible person enjoying the outdoors.

Also I would like to say that the more I use my Lesche the more I like it. The build quality is superior to the other less expensive diggers. If I lived and hunted only on good soil it would be a mute topic but when dry clay is encountered the Lesche is great!

Happy hunting!


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