The Garrett Ace 250 with DD coil

I decided to go metal detecting yesterday morning at Linwood Park in Wichita. I was there for about 5 minutes before PulltabMiner showed up. We were there about 20 minutes before Redd showed up. Redd hunts this park often with good results. You can see for yourself by searching on Youtube for Reddcent59. This put us in an interesting situation. 3 different detectors from different manufacturers and different price levels. We decided to swing the detectors over targets that Redd suspected to be good. We had some interesting results. Redd swung his Etrac over a target he suspected to be a wheat penny at 6-7 inches. Pulltab swung his V3i over the target and came up with a foil signal. I was next to swing over the target. My Ace 250 with DD coil locked on it as a penny. This proved to me that even my “entry level” detector can see targets at depths of 7 inches. The Ace gave a really solid signal. What this taught me was to trust my machine, don’t be timid to dig deep targets, and dig more iffy signals. I am not saying that the Ace can hang with higher end machines in every instance. On the higher end detectors you get more information to help you decide whether to dig or not. Overall these non scientific tests rekindled my love for the Garrett. It all boils down to knowing your machine and its sounds as well as being methodical in your hunting.

Happy Hunting!

2 thoughts on “The Garrett Ace 250 with DD coil

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Steve. Its very important to know and trust your machine. I’ve also used the Garrett and found it to be a great detector. I also started to dig a lot more of the “iffy” signals and found them to be deeper good targets in a lot of cases. Carry on the good work. HH

  2. Well, this is coming from the guy with the V3i: The Ace 250 was a very productive machine for me.

    You certainly don’t need to upgrade and yes, you CAN hang with the big dogs!

    Go get ’em!

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