There is gold in the park

I started hunting at Linwood park this morning around 6:15. A couple days ago a guy approached us during our morning hunt and told us a lady lost a ring a couple years ago in the park. I decided to try the spot and came up with a gold ring that is embellished with 7 little diamonds. I question whether or not it is the same ring because this ring was about 5 inches deep. I would think that it’s been in the ground much more than 2-3 years. As I was making my video of this dig Redd joined me and we continued to hunt until I had to go to work. It is too early to tell if this cured my gold fever or made it worse!

Happy Hunting and thanks for looking!





6 thoughts on “There is gold in the park

  1. Nice one Steve, gold does tend to raise the spirits doesn’t it? I must admit I go through spells of “gold fever” myself, then when I don’t find any for a while it wears off a bit – until the next time! I agree though, this ring is probably not the same one as I also think it was too deep in the ground.

    Cheers supernova

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