A biker and abreast

Well today at work I was discussing motorcycle safety with a co-worker. Our conversation quickly went to riding curves. I was explaining an outside-inside-outside path of travel in curves. He quickly stopped me and said that doing this would run your partner into the ditch. I thought to myself, what is he talking about a partner?? So I asked and was appalled at what I heard next. He exclaimed that when riding with someone else that it was safest to ride two abreast. I quickly started to explain a staggered formation. He stopped me and said that I was inexperienced and selfish because I only cared about my own personal safety. I tried to discuss what if’s with him… This is where I almost lost it. I said what happens if a deer approaches? Response, they go the other way due to all the loud pipes… WTH?? Seriously! What happens if their is an obstacle in the road? Response, both cyclists swerve to miss object… Feasible but I would love to see it actually happen. In the end I chalked everything up to this. Ignorance and absence of logical thinking! What good can come from riding two abreast??? Nothing came to mind. I can’t believe the lack of common sense this person was presenting. How many “Bikers” out there actually think this way? He said that riding with others in the brotherhood would make me think differently about it. In my mind does this mean that joining the brotherhood means that your buddy will take you down with him when he forgets motorcycling basics? If so count me out! I knew their was a reason I don’t want to be known as a “Biker”.. Did I mention that I have known this person for a few years and I have never seen him on a bike.. Hope he knows to look through turns and curves!! I’ll save that for another day. Maybe I’ll get him a Hi-viz yellow jacket for Christmas!


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