Emotions make IT complicated

Tonight after Kolton’s baseball game the family and I went into Wichita so my wife could go to Barnes and Noble. This meant leaving my motorcycle unattended for a few hours in a public place. I hate doing that because motorcycle thefts in Wichita have been on the rise. While in Wichita my two youngest boys and I found a couple geocaches. Always fun! On my ride home I started thinking and I was somewhat saddened by my thoughts. Here they are..

I have been driving for 16 of my 32 years on planet earth. I have owned approximately 16 vehicles during that time.
I have been metal detecting for about 7 months and only have one detector.

Where do emotions come in?
Practically every person I know wishes they hadn’t sold something in the past. I have a few vehicles that were one with my soul.
1- 1970 K-5 Blazer.. Amazing semi rare truck that was big, fast, and just plain cool!
2- 1991 Chevy Z-71 regular cab with headers and exhaust. I loved this truck for one reason. I had this truck when I met my wife. I will never forget her riding beside me on the bench seat. This is the truck that got us to Jackson Hole and back for our honeymoon.
3- 2004 Volvo S-60. The only car I have ever drove regularly. I loved everything about it!

I currently have two things that are going to make me really think about emotional ties.
1- My motorcycle, I am very close to paying it off. At that time I am going to have a tough decision to make. To sell or not. It has carried me 42,000 miles and it is part of my soul. There are two bikes that I am interested in. Both are more complicated than my V-star which is a very simple machine. But I love the idea of heated handgrips on those mornings that the temp is in the teens. The two bikes I have in mind are a BMW R1200RT or a Suzuki V-Strom. I am hesitant to sell this bike because my wife has shown some interest in learning to ride. If she doesn’t, it would make a great starter bike for Kolton in a few years. Would I regret letting it go?

2- My Ace 250, I love this little machine for a turn on and go detector. Much like my motorcycleI had no idea how much I would enjoy it. I wanted to buy a machine that would allow me to be outdoors and find neat stuff. It does it! Now after seeing and learning more about detectors I kind of want to move up to a better machine. I know that PulltabMiner recently posted on his blog that he regretted selling his Ace 250. I would love to upgrade to an AT Pro, Minelab E-trac, or Whites V3i. But currently I have to wander why I would upgrade. They all decipher gold ring the same as trash, and I still have gold fever!

Like the title says, IT’s complicated. I don’t want to suffer sellers remorse on either!


One thought on “Emotions make IT complicated

  1. Snap out of it! He he he…

    While I do regret selling my Ace, I do know that there is a point when you know it’s time to grow.

    I think the Ace is all you need to find gold rings. Period.

    HOWEVER, if you wish to look for smaller gold items, then you WILL NEED a machine with adjustable Ground Balance and a higher operating frequency.

    If you continue your quest for gold, the ETRAC is absolutely the wrong machine for you.

    I HIGHLY recommend the Fisher Gold Bug (they have a couple of models) or the AT Gold, which will be cheaper but it’s made to find gold. The V3i has the 22 KHz frequency and tons of analysis tools but it’s more expensive

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