Well it is quite obvious that I have gold fever. I love the idea that this precious metal is found in ring form everywhere. Now I am going to venture out and try to find some of it in its natural form. My family is heading to Breckinridge Colorado next week. One of the many places known to have gold (Au) in the Rocky Mountains. I am hoping that some of the places I have mapped will be accessible via the mini van! I don’t have days and days to pan for gold so my strategy is as follows…

Find a couple of spots where it is evident that miners have already dug to bedrock, swing the Garrett around washes, bases, and other hard pan areas where erosion has occurred. I think the Garrett will sound off if flakes/nuggets are shallow. Given the Iron ore in the ground I may have to disc out iron and listen very carefully. I am speculating that I will have to back my sensitivity down as well.

If and when I find some areas that give me any mid tones at all I will dig a shovels full of dirt and re-scan the area. If the signal goes away the dirt will go into one of 2-3 buckets that will make the venture with us. I will repeat this process as necessary! The Ace isn’t designed to find micro gold but something tells me that it will be able to find several microgolds if they are close together. I will probably take my stock coil with me and see if the results are better for finding gold fines.

Once I have my buckets full I will be done prospecting in Colorado. I will pan this dirt once I get back home. I am not planning on getting rich off this adventure, more than anything I just want to have a souvenir without purchasing a $20 t-shirt or a $40 hoodie! Gold will last longer than either one and it is a true souvenir unlike the imported apparel offered up in most towns flooded by tourism.

Some may say I’m crazy and I wouldn’t argue. I have also learned that you never know until you try, if you don’t try you will never know!


2 thoughts on “Au

  1. Big dreams there buddy!

    The good news is that many detectors out there scan the tailings for small nuggets with some degree of success.

    The bad news is that the operating frequency of the Ace is too low for micro gold.

    Still, you lose nothing by trying and you may actually find something cool.

    At the very least, you will have a blast.

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