Ready, Set, so close to go time!

Well tonight was exciting for the Ukena boys. We bought our Panning set. We ended up buying the Garrett Gold panning set. For the money it seems like a very good deal. Once the boys saw the packaging that includes huge nuggets in the pan they got excited. This reminded me of the Whites metal detectors TV adverts that show people casually and nonchalantly pulling treasures out of the ground every few feet! The Garrett set includes the following.

Classifier with 1/2″ grid
Two pans- one at 14″ and one at 10″
Gold guzzler suction bottle
Two vials that will not fit the nuggets represented on packaging..
One pair of tweezers with a magnifying glass.

I bought this set specifically for the two pans. Having two pans means that the boys can pan right along with me!

When we got home the boys were amped up to practice their panning skills. I promptly headed out to the garage and cut into a shotgun shell to get some pseudo treasure. Then I went to the strawberry patch and picked up some various soils. Then a big bucket to get the party started. After practicing with the pans the boys are stoked to find gold! The pans seem very easy to use and very sturdy. I can’t wait to sit down by a cool, quiet, peaceful body of water in the mountains!

Happy hunting, I mean panning, or treasure hunting. How ever you do it, GOOD LUCK!



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