Well Well its hotter than |-|€££

As I sit here and write this it is almost 8:00 at night and it is still 104 degrees in the shade. We have been over 100 degrees for most of this month without rain. I spent all weekend teaching an MSF BRC. Luckily we started at 7:00 AM and we were back in air conditioning before 1:00 in the afternoon. This heat makes many of my favorite things miserable! Motorcycling, metal detecting, geocaching, and even fishing lose their thrill when it is this hot. Maybe it’s time for me to find an indoor hobby. If you have any ideas of hobbies that I may enjoy please share!

Thanks for reading and happy hunting if you can dig a hole where you are!

We are farmers.. State farm that is!

This evening I stopped and hunted where two buildings from the 40’s stood just a few days previously. The original sidewalks are there from 1949. I am guessing that they will be getting torn up quickly as well. Pulltab Miner and I hunted this a few months ago and found minimal cool things. Tonight I only hunted for about 20 minutes but I did find a pretty cool relic. I also attached a pic of one in better shape. It’s a license plate topper from the 30’s!



Do you have the Jewels?

Well I’m back on the kick to find gold jewelry. The last three mornings I have put in about 6 hours at the local parks searching. Finding gold is tricky because it rings up the detector in so many different segments. Pull tabs, foil, gum wrappers, and beaver tails abound while on the hunt for gold. I know the goods are there though! I have learned that hunting gold takes a tremendous amount of patience. You must also be able to handle disappointing hunts where you haul a lot of trash. The Lord must have a sense of humor when considering gold and metal detecting.

Happy hunting and good luck!

Tonight, tonight

Well this evening was the first opportunity for me to hunt since last Tuesday morning. I was hoping that the very little rain we received a couple days ago had softened the ground slightly… Not so. It is so dry that the Lesche is struggling to gouge a 4″ hole. I decided to hunt some sports fields in Derby Ks. After digging about 5 targets I decided it wasn’t worth doing permanent damage to the public parks. Luckily this park has some sand volleyball courts that were much easier to retrieve targets in. It amazes me how hot and dry the weather is in South Central Ks. I am ready for cooler weather and moisture so I can cut a decent plug in the ground within 20 miles of Rose Hill.

Tough hunting in KS!

Early morning at Pattons Place

Well yesterday morning I was honored with hunting Pattons Place. Named so by a forum member at the forum. He and Pulltab Minerfound a very unique place to hunt that is huge. About four square blocks or so. This place has produced silver, gold, and jewelry. Just not for me! Some of us can’t metal detect all day due to work! My finds are shown below..



I just wanted to drop my readers a note of apology. I haven’t been posting much lately because I haven’t been swinging the Garrett too much. I have been busy getting some honey do’s marked off the list. I wanted to get out Saturday morning but didn’t make it.. I did manage to get out for about 30 minutes on Saturday evening and hit a totlot with the boys and my younger siblings. We managed to find $1.33 and a junk jewelry piece. They all wanted to swing the Garrett and again I will say that I love the simplicity of the machine. They turned it on and went to town! I wanted to get out this evening but my plans were altered by my Mculloch weedeater. It wouldn’t start last weekend and while attempting to troubleshoot it the starter rope broke. I don’t know how many of you have tried to change one of these ropes but it ended up being a three hour job. It still wouldn’t start. The thing that really irritates me is that it is only a couple years old. I payed $69 for it at the time. The reason I picked this model isn’t because it was inexpensive. The only reason I bought it is that it supposedly has the same motor as my trusted Ryobi that I had bought for the same price 12 years ago. The Ryobi gave me 10 years without a hiccup. I can promise you it isn’t the same machine.. Too bad Ryobi doesn’t produce weedeaters anymore. This task was only enjoyable because my 20 month old son sat beside me the whole time mistaking the weedeater for my Garrett. He kept saying “tector broke”. I’m guessing the confusion is due to them both being yellow and similarly shaped. He is a riot! Anyways I hope that this week will produce some more hunting time along with some nicer finds!!!!

Winding down!

Well we are starting to wind down our Colorado adventure. The last couple of days have been Fantastic. We started thursday with the Ukena boys and I taking a 3.4 mile hike into the mountains above Breckenridge. During the afternoon we all wanted to go on a road trip. We left Breckenridge at about 3:30 in route to Leadville. Highway 24 between Vail and Leadville was a gorgeous drive. We did encounter some rain, hail, and lightning on this path but it was still amazing! Once in Leadville we drove around a bit and checked out all the history. We then continued South to Buena Vista. We quickly realized that this town is a non tourist booming little town in the middle of Colorado. We ate dinner at Eddyline brewpub. The food and beer were great. The rain had stopped and the weather was a perfect 64 degrees. While perusing around Buena Vista, I realized why I missed the mountains. I love what the Mountains do to your senses! The smell of the pine, the sounds of the river, and the brightness of the sun in the mountains. We left Buena Vista at around 9:30 which meant a very slow, dark, curvy drive back to Breckenridge.

This morning the two oldest Ukena boys and I went fishing. I had forgotten how cool a rainbow trout looks. I was getting some strange looks from the locals when I showed up with my Falcon rod and Pfleuger baitcaster. This combo worked great for 1/8 oz. jigging spoon!








July 4th 2012..

5:30- wake up and travel to Monte Cristo Creek. South of Breckenridge between Alma and Blue River
5:55- finish the hike into the place that I was hoping to get about 11 pounds of paydirt. I quickly find the area. This is one of the first places to ever produce gold in Colorado. It quickly became known as a small placer mine. People quickly moved onto mines that produced larger Lode deposits. The mine only operated for a couple of years. The interesting thing to me was that the state tried to re-route the stream flow in the 60’s without success. There were many eroded streams that couldn’t be contained!
9:00 am- We head to town for the big fourth of July celebration.

This is possibly the biggest small town Independence day celebration I have ever seen. It starts out with 750+ bicyclists racing in the Firecracker 50. From what I learned this is a 50 mile on/off road race with many brackets to keep the competition fierce!

This town rallies the full day in Celebration. The start of the race was followed by a parade that was quite impressive! The boys and I were amazed at the off road rescue teams.

After the parade ended everyone scattered around the historic downtown for a free open air concert by the Nitty Gritty Dirtband and all kinds of kids festivities. I managed to shoot some video of both boys. You can check them out here and here. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone had a great day of celebrating our Independence as a country!





Let the adventure begin!

Well our vacation on days 1 and 2 were not for the Ukena boys. They were more focused on Queen Ukena. They involved shopping historic Breckenridge and getting the Queens kitchen in order. On the third day of vacation we had our first morsel of adventure! We started our morning out with a 3 mile hike around Dillon Lake on the Tenderfoot trail. The views were amazing and it was a nice stable trail. Uneventful and very therapeutic. Shortly after a bite to eat the boys and I headed off for some gold panning. We decided to go to Fairplay. I have never seen a town that holds on to so much history. The drive between Breckenridge and Fairplay on Colorado 9 is breathtaking. Hairpins at 20 mph and climbing over Hoosier pass were well worth the 40 minute 22 mile trek. The town of Fairplay allows you to pan and sluice the same area that has produced unbelievable amounts of gold. The boys and I grabbed our panning stuff and we were off. Their patience level isn’t that of a steadfast panner. That being said we only panned for about 2 hours. I am pretty certain that I had found a pinhead sized nugget which got kicked over in the pan by one of the wild bunch. You can see them in action here! There were a few other panners/sluicers there that were finding precious metals. Fairplay seems to be one of the few places that allow you to remove material as long as you believe it has gold in it! I managed a few shovel fulls from a couple different areas. In the end we didn’t have any tangible treasure but the memories and mental images will last along time! Hopefully over the next few days I will have more to share. Tomorrows panning adventures will probably take me North of Alma!