Let the adventure begin!

Well our vacation on days 1 and 2 were not for the Ukena boys. They were more focused on Queen Ukena. They involved shopping historic Breckenridge and getting the Queens kitchen in order. On the third day of vacation we had our first morsel of adventure! We started our morning out with a 3 mile hike around Dillon Lake on the Tenderfoot trail. The views were amazing and it was a nice stable trail. Uneventful and very therapeutic. Shortly after a bite to eat the boys and I headed off for some gold panning. We decided to go to Fairplay. I have never seen a town that holds on to so much history. The drive between Breckenridge and Fairplay on Colorado 9 is breathtaking. Hairpins at 20 mph and climbing over Hoosier pass were well worth the 40 minute 22 mile trek. The town of Fairplay allows you to pan and sluice the same area that has produced unbelievable amounts of gold. The boys and I grabbed our panning stuff and we were off. Their patience level isn’t that of a steadfast panner. That being said we only panned for about 2 hours. I am pretty certain that I had found a pinhead sized nugget which got kicked over in the pan by one of the wild bunch. You can see them in action here! There were a few other panners/sluicers there that were finding precious metals. Fairplay seems to be one of the few places that allow you to remove material as long as you believe it has gold in it! I managed a few shovel fulls from a couple different areas. In the end we didn’t have any tangible treasure but the memories and mental images will last along time! Hopefully over the next few days I will have more to share. Tomorrows panning adventures will probably take me North of Alma!





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