July 4th 2012..

5:30- wake up and travel to Monte Cristo Creek. South of Breckenridge between Alma and Blue River
5:55- finish the hike into the place that I was hoping to get about 11 pounds of paydirt. I quickly find the area. This is one of the first places to ever produce gold in Colorado. It quickly became known as a small placer mine. People quickly moved onto mines that produced larger Lode deposits. The mine only operated for a couple of years. The interesting thing to me was that the state tried to re-route the stream flow in the 60’s without success. There were many eroded streams that couldn’t be contained!
9:00 am- We head to town for the big fourth of July celebration.

This is possibly the biggest small town Independence day celebration I have ever seen. It starts out with 750+ bicyclists racing in the Firecracker 50. From what I learned this is a 50 mile on/off road race with many brackets to keep the competition fierce!

This town rallies the full day in Celebration. The start of the race was followed by a parade that was quite impressive! The boys and I were amazed at the off road rescue teams.

After the parade ended everyone scattered around the historic downtown for a free open air concert by the Nitty Gritty Dirtband and all kinds of kids festivities. I managed to shoot some video of both boys. You can check them out here and here. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone had a great day of celebrating our Independence as a country!






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